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  •   Illustrated Product Catalogue – 2016


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  • Labelexpo Europe 2015

    Label Expo



    Record breaking attendence this year with an increase of 12.4%. Almost 36.000 visitors from 146 countries attended this edition. The Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Printer P-300 attracted a lot of interest.


  • The NEW CAT-4 Label Rewinder
    Cat 4carré

    With Versatile Control Input and Optional Start Delay

    The CAT-4 uses no tension arm and is intended to be controlled by the printer.

    All it requires from the printer is a steady signal indicating the printer is printing or feeding, allowing easy and limited backfeed.

    See CAT-4 Section 

  • The NEW Improved Label Dispenser.
    Labelmate new

    New Bail System  –  Adjustable “Wearless” Brake  –  Extra Paper Guide

    Labelmate is pleased to announce several improvements have been made to the popular reliable Powered Label Dispensers  LD-100/200-RS and the LD-100/200-U.

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  • New Alignment Plates for CAT’s and MC’s.

    Alignment plate for CAT.

    Compatible with all our Rewinders and Unwinders, the plate ensures a stable alignment between the printer and the Rewinder and/or Unwinder. The plate is equipped with a magnetic strip that strengthens its position between the printer and the winder. 3 dimensions available.


  • New UCAT-S with adjustable brake.
    New UCAT-S with adjustable braking.


    Labelmate’s heavy-duty label Unwinder UCAT-S is now fitted with a new adjustable “Wearless” brake.


  • Discover the Labelmate P-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label PrinterP-300 Reel-to-Reel Inkjet Label printer by Labelmate

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  • CAT-2 becomes CAT-3: What changed?

    CAT-3 replaces CAT-2Same functions, same price but improved circuit board.

    At Labelmate we are confident in the quality of our products, this is why our rewinders and unwinders have a 5-year warranty, but it does not prevent from always seeking to do better!
    Since October 2012, our CAT-2 Rewinders and UCAT-2 Unwinders have become CAT-3 and UCAT-3 with the use of a totally new and improved circuit board.

  • Meet the Universal Label Dispenser
    LD-U dispenses all types of labels, including transparent and black labels.
    See Powered Label Dispensers section.

  • The “RRC” Reel-to-Reel Counting System.

    Now also for transparent labels!

    See Counting System section.