Quick-Loading Core Chucks for Volume Label Production
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Here is the best answer for quick loading and unloading of label rolls. LABELMATE’s precision, maintenance-free “Quick-Chuck”™ Core Chucks permit you to mount or remove a roll of labels on your rewinder or unwinder in seconds. They are ideal for heavy rolls, production operations, or for holding multiple cores for slitting. Quality European design and construction insure smooth and trouble-free operation.To use a Quick-Chuck, just slide your label roll over the Chuck and turn the convenient lock knob.  Instantly your roll is locked in place. To remove the roll, just give the lock knob a quick turn to the left and pull the roll off your machine!

LABELMATE’s Quick-Chucks are now available in six different diameters to accept popular core sizes. An optional Outer Flange (FLANGE-QC) is available for the 76 mm “Quick-Chuck” Models. An Adjustable Paper Guide (APG-CAT) can also be used to guide the outer edge of the label web.

The UCAT-1-CHUCK, UCAT-3-CHUCK, LC-CAT-3-CHUCK & UCAT-40 Unwinders and the CAT-4-CHUCK, CAT-3-CHUCK, CAT-40, TWIN-CAT-3, CAT-3-TA & CAT-40-TARewinders come equipped with a Quick-Chuck as standard. Or, you can buyQuick-Chucks individually for your in-house or OEM Applications.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Rev. 09/2015

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