Powered Label Dispensers

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Powered Label Dispensers
The LD-U Type for ALL labels including transparent and black labels.
The LD-RS Type Automatic Label Dispensers with enhanced label sensing and easy set-up.
The LD-100S for very small, long or unusual shape labels.
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LD-100-RS with Counter C1

LD-100-RS with Counter C1



Labelmate LD-100-RS with Flanges

LD-100-RS with Flanges

Inox Label Dispenser LD-100-U-SS


Label DIspenser LD-200-U


Label DIspenser LD-200S


The LD RS-Type Automatic Label Dispensers for all regular labels (not for transparent labels).

The LD-100-RS and LD-200-RS Label Dispensers offer state of the art convenience and durability. Using the latest opto-electronic technology, there is just one simple adjustment for label length.

A special Reflective Sensor sits below the label and reliably and accurately senses the leading edge of your label. As you pick up a label the next one is automatically and instantly advanced. The modern design presents the label right at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators. A “HIGH-LOW” Speed Switch allows adjustment for label length or operator preference.  There are no mechanical position switches to cause adjustment or operational problems. The heavy-duty product design will stand up to the most demanding environments.

The LD-U Type Automatic Label Dispensers uses a new “state of the art” reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and black labels.

The LD-U range is using a compact photoelectric sensor with optic-fibre cable. The LD-100-U and LD-200-U offer the same advantages, convenience and durability as the popular LD-RS models with the extra benefit of dispensing any kind of labels.

Both models of LD-RS and LD-U are available in “SS” version, that features a stainless steel chassis and cover and can be used in humid environment. They are ideal for food industry and pharmaceutical applications.

The LD-S Type for very small, long or unusual shape labels.

The LD-100S or LD-200S do not have a sensor detection; the foot pedal allows you tocontinually advance labels at the rate you choose. The LD-100S and LD-200S also include an ON-OFF Foot Switch for production applications. It is ideal for very small or long labels.


All LABELMATE Label Dispensers are easy to set up, too. You just slide your roll of labels onto the built-in Core Holder. Then thread the label web through to the take-up spindle and your Label Dispenser is ready for use! Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction and precision parts yield products of the highest quality. Designed for all-day, every-day use, these Dispensers are backed by LABELMATE’s famous 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty, assuring you trouble-free performance. (The Warranty Period for included Power Supplies is 1-Year).

LD-1 * Depending on the labels.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.