For applications requiring constant speed and pausing between each label

Perfect for RFID Tags 

The PM-300-CS-STEP works at constant adjustable speed (independently of the supply and rewind roll diameters). The maximum speed is 65cm/sec. (or 61cm/sec. upon request). The long-term speed stability is +/-5%. This model has a “1 by 1” mode that allows to stop automatically after each label and advances to the next label by a push button or by an external command. For more precise print jobs, an optional encoder can be added.


The PM-300-CS-STEP is an ideal table top platform for programming and reading RFID tags. When not used for programming, the PM-300-CS-STEP can be used as a reel-to-reel Counter – Rewinder. The optional built-in encoder has a resolution of 0,041mm.


Other options include a label counter or a more
sophisticated counter that can be used to count labels or indicate the speed at which the labels are moving.


For applications that doesn’t require pausing between each label, see PM-300-CS.



Designed for all-day, every-day use, the PM-300-CS-STEP Reel-to-Reel Printer Mechanism is backed by LABELMATE’s famous 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty (1-Year on power supplies), assuring you trouble-free performance


  • Maximum roll diameter: 300mm
  • roll weight: 6Kg.
  • Label width: up to 125mm.
  • Speed: Adjustable constant speed from 0 to max. 65cm/sec. Accuracy: +/- 5%. (61cm/sec available upon request)
  • Rugged Construction.
  • Secured DB-9 Print Head Connector.
  • Adjustable Label Guide.
  • 220-240V – 50-60Hz AC Input
  • Label sensor: Open collector output.

The speed specifications apply for a machine used in normal office room temperatures.

ENC: Optional built-in encoder with resolution of 0,041mm. Output: Square waves: 0 – 15V.

PC-2: Optional 6-digit pre-set counter.

PC-3: Dual function preset counter. Allows to counts labels or show instantaneous web speed.


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