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From 24th September to 27th September 2013, LABELMATE has exhibited its products at Labelexpo Europe.

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“Why LABELMATE Rewinders are the Best in the World”
“We avoid troublesome clutches, belts, gears and pulleys. You get superb performance and reliability.”LABELMATE’s motors are designed and built to our specifications for the special requirements of our label handling tasks. The standard CAT-2 and “Mini-CAT” Rewinders use special direct-drive motors with smooth low-speed operation and good torque output. Our rugged motors have precision ground steel shafts, quality long-life bearings, and an electrical design optimized to provide the power and durability you need in a rewinder or unwinder. The motor is complemented by our control circuitry that provides just the right amount of rewind force. We call it “Constant Adjustable Torque”tm or “CAT.” We avoid troublesome clutches, belts, and pulleys. You get superb performance and reliability. In our new High-Torque CAT-40G Rewinder, we use a precision heavy-duty gear box to further amplify the already strong motor output. All LABELMATE Products are maintenance-free and set-up is fast and easy. That’s one reason why LABELMATE products are backed by an unmatched 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, by far the longest in the industry. You can choose LABELMATE for your Label Rewinders, Unwinders, Dispensers, Slitters and Core Chucks with confidence! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.Check out LABELMATE’s full product line at Products.