Label Slitters & Slitting Station

Heavy-Duty Label Slitters & Slitting Stations
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Label slitter S-100 with PC-1 counter. Labelmate Europe.

S-100 with PC-1

Label slitter S-200. Labelmate Europe.


Powered label slitter. S-100-SP. Labelmate Europe.


Powered label slitter with pre-set counter PC-1. Labelmate Europe.

S-100-SP with PC-1

Complete off-line slitting station S-100S. Labelmate Europe.


Complete off-line slitting station S-200S. Labelmate Europe.


The S-100 & S-200 Label Slitters

The most convenient solution for slitting and rewinding narrow labels. LABELMATE Label Slitters allow you to print small labels several across and then slit them to the desired width. This multiplies your print efficiency by a factor equal to the number of labels across, and dramatically increases your print head life and ribbon usage efficiency. The rugged LABELMATE S-100 and S-200 are High-Speed, Heavy-Duty Label Slitters identical in construction except for size.The Slitters can be used either “in-line” or “off-line”. In “in-line” use, the Slitter is placed between the printer output and the Label Rewinder. The slitting speed is determined by the printer output speed. In “off-line” use, the Slitter is placed between a UCAT Unwinder and a CAT-3 Rewinder. Off-line slitting is recommended for production work or for use with three or more blades. With slitting speeds up to 125cm/sec in “off-line” mode, you’ll make fast work of your slitting jobs.An optional six- (6) digit PC-1 Pre-set Counter allows you to pre-set the number of labels to be slit. When the counter reaches the preset number, it sends a “HALT” signal to the Rewinder. Power to the Rewinder motor is then shut off and braking is applied. You’ll have no annoying label spills to contend with.

The S-100-SP Self-Powered Label Slitter

Simplifies label slitting by providing powered pinch rollers to pull the labels through the cutting blades rather than having to rely on a Label Rewinder to pull the labels. This results in a constant cutting speed and means you can use any LABELMATE Rewinder equipped with a “Quick-Chuck” to do your rewinding. You adjust the slitting speed right on the S-100-SP. Because the S-100-SP is self-powered, you can reliably use more cutting blades than on a Slitter that is powered by a Rewinder. You can add additional BH-1 Blade Holders for a total of five across the maximum label width of 175-mm. The new S-100-SP is a great choice for you label needs (off-line slitting only).

S-100S and S-200S Slitting Stations

Complete off-line slitting stations including all elements needed to start slitting immediately. The station comprises a slitter, a rewinder, an unwinder and the accessories.

The easily replaced slitting blades are click-adjustable, maximizing their useful life. Special, very sharp, ground steel blades are supplied with the S-100, S-200 and S-100-SP and are recommended for replacement. No tools are required for blade adjustment or replacement. During slitting, the blades are stabilized with LABELMATE’s proprietary system, giving a clean cut at all speeds. Rugged, heavy-gauge welded steel construction and precision parts yield a product of the highest quality.

The S-100, S-200 & S-100-SP feature a 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty, the longest in the industry. (The Warranty Period for included Power Supplies is 1-Year).



Specifications are subject to change without notice.