What exactly is a Label Rewinder?

A Label Rewinder winds up printed labels into a neat roll as they come out of a printer. This is the efficient, low-cost alternative to winding labels up by hand, or to letting them fall on the floor to be picked up later.  A LABELMATE Rewinder quickly pays for itself in time saved, and prevents needless frustration when winding up labels.

What is a Label Unwinder?

A Label Unwinder is a convenient place to put your roll of blank labels as they feed into your printer. Also, an Unwinder often permits you to purchase your blank label rolls in larger sizes, reducing costs and operator intervention. LABELMATE Label Unwinders apply a small amount of Frictionless Braking™ to keep the labels perfectly tensioned as they are going into the printer or into a LABELMATE Slitter.  The UCAT-3 and UCAT-40 Powered Unwinders offer precisely controlled, power-assisted unwinding for large or heavy label rolls. This power-assisted unwinding prevents stress on your printer that may have trouble pulling a large roll of labels into the printer. For large label rolls up to 400mm (16″), the UCAT-40 Powered Unwinder is the Ultimate Unwinder.  It includes a LABELMATE “Quick-Chuck”™ Core Chuck for fast loading and unloading of label rolls. The UCAT-3 handles rolls up to 300mm (12”) in diameter.

Can I use a LABELMATE Rewinder with an Astro-Med (“QuickLabel Systems”), ATC, Avery Dennison, CIE, Cobra, CodeWriter, Cognitive Solutions, DATAMAX, Intermec,SATO, TEC, VIPColor, Zebra, or other brand of printer?

Yes! LABELMATE Rewinders will work with any brand of printer at any speed. LABELMATE Rewinders automatically adjust to the speed of your printer.  When the printer stops, your LABELMATE Rewinder also stops and waits for the printer to resume.  No damage will occur to your Rewinder even if it is left indefinitely in the stopped condition with power applied. LABELMATE Rewinders automatically allow your printer to backfeed if required. You can also use a LABELMATE Rewinder to rewind labels printed on a dot matrix printer, for example to rewind address or product labels. For ink-jet printersyou’ll find the CAT-3-TA Rewinder with the a Tension Arm is the best Rewind solution in the industry. (Copyrighted names are the property of the copyright holders.)

Some LABELMATE Rewinders have Tension Arms, but some do not. Why is this?

All LABELMATE Rewinders use special direct-drive heavy-duty motors designed and built to our specifications just for the rewinding application. Our control electronics regulate the motor. The result is a very reliable continuous-duty Rewinder that needs no maintenance or adjustments and is very easy to set up. Certain printers, notably ink-jet printers, require a very light rewind tension to avoid pulling the labels out of registration. To control the rewinding action, LABELMATE Rewinders with a Tension Arm, such as the CAT-3-TA, track the labels coming from the printer and provide “rewind on demand”.

LABELMATE’s UCAT-40 and UCAT-3 Powered Unwinders have a Sensor Arm that signals when the printer needs more labels and causes the label roll to advance.  This is a position sensor and not a Tension Arm in the usual sense of the term.

LABELMATE Products are designed for continuous duty 24 / 7 operation.  They will not be damaged by leaving them on, even in a stalled condition. LABELMATE Rewinders and Unwinders have a 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty (3-Year for all other products), by far the longest in the industry. We can offer this impressive warranty because of the high quality and reliability we build into the products.

What size cores can I use to rewind labels?

Most LABELMATE Rewinders accept standard 76mm (3″) cardboard cores, unless the model is specifically for some other core size. In addition, the low-cost MC-10 Rewinder comes with a special bail so you can rewind directly “on-shaft” without any core at all!  This is perfect for short runs where you really don’t need a core.  An optional Adjustable Core Holder that will accept any core size from 25 to 101mm (1 to 4″) in diameter is available for most full size Rewinders and Unwinders.  The low-cost MC-11 “MINI-CAT” Rewinder comes with the Adjustable Core Holder included and will also do coreless rewinding! Many Rewinders and Unwinders are also available with “Quick-Chuck” quick-locking Core Chucks in several different diameters.

What is the normal Product delivery time?

LABELMATE has sales, support, product engineering, and manufacturing operations  in Brussels, Belgium.  We try to have product in stock for shipment within 1 to 10 days.  LABELMATE products are also sold in more than 80 countries around the world by authorized Resellers who provide local Sales and Support assistance.  Since LABELMATE Products work with virtually any printer, many printer dealers are also authorized LABELMATE dealers. Ask your local printer reseller for LABELMATE Products.