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Accessories for CAT and UCAT
 AL: Inox alignment plate. 3 models available for all CAT-3 and CAT-3-TA. Models: AL-MC/CAT, AL-CAT-TA & AL-CAT-10/TA.
APG-CAT: Optional Adjustable Paper Guide for CAT-3-ACH or CAT-3-CHUCK. Guides the outer edge of the label web to ensure an even roll edge.
VANES: Set of three vanes (fins) required for standard and 10-inches shafts. Available in 38, 40, 44, 70 & 76mm.
ADAPT-326: Pair of adapters for use on any 76mm diameter CAT-3-CHUCK. Allows use of 152mm (6″) diameter cores.
PS-15V: 220V – 240V – 50Hz DC Power Supply for CAT and UCAT. Output: 15V – 3A. NB: Included with Rewinder.
LTO: Low Torque Option. For tension sensitive printers. Factory installed. (Inkjet). NO PICTURE AVAILABLE.
PS-15V: 230V – 50Hz DC Heavy-Duty Power Supply. Output: 15V – 4.6A. Recommended when using a Slitter.
Accessories for MINI-CAT
 AL-MC/CAT: Inox alignment plate for MC-10 & MC-11.
PS-MC: 230V – 50Hz Power Supply for MC-10 and MC-11. NB: Included with Rewinder.
Second Flange MC-10: Optional Outer Flange for MC-10 only.
APG-MC: Optional Adjustable Paper Guide for the MC-10 or MC-11 Rewinder. Guides the outer edge of the label web to ensure an even roll edge.
Accessories for TWIN-CAT
INSP-1: Inspection Fixture mounts in minutes on the side of your TWIN-CAT-2. Includes two rollers that your labels glide over as they are presented for inspection. Bi-directional, variable speed operation allows control over winding tightness as well. Can be started and stopped with the optional Foot Switch listed below. (No picture available see INSP-1 + PC-1).
INSP-1 + PC-1: Optional Preset Counter with adjustable counter sensitivity. Conveniently pre-mounted on the INSP-1 Inspection Fixture ready to plug in and use.
Foot Switch: Foot Switch to start and stop the TWIN-CAT-2, CAT-3 or MC Rewinders.
Accessories for QUICK-CHUCKS
Outer Flange QC 76mm: 300mm (12″) outer Flange for Quick-Chuck 76mm core diameter.
Inner Flange: 300mm (12″) inner Flange for Quick-Chuck 38, 40, 44, 70 & 76mm core diameter.
Accessories for Slitters
Label Separator: Label Separator Plates keep slit label rolls from interleaving or telescoping. Use Aluminium Separator Plates for the outer Plates and thin Plastic in-between slit rolls. Typical order: 1 Aluminium Separator Plate + Plastic Plates equal to the number of cutting blades.
HSB-10: 10 Precision High-Speed Blades for Slitters.
BH-1: Additional Blade Holder Assembly Includes Precision High-Speed Blades.
Link: Adjustable Locking Bar to lock units together in position (Rewinder, Slitter & Unwinder). Available for S-100 & S-200.
PC-1: Preset Counter with adjustable counter sensitivity. Counts single- or multi-accross label and can preset batch size. Includes a Halt Control Cable to optionnally stop your CAT-2 Rewinder automatically when your job is finished. Factory installed only.
Accessories for Label Dispensers
LD-Flanges: Optional inner and outer Flanges for label dispensers. Fits all models. Sold in sets of two flanges.
C-1: Optional counter. Available for LD-100 and LD-200 models. Factory installed.
LD-DE: Diameter extension: Allows using rolls with outer diameters up to 300mm. Factory installed.
PS-18V: High-speed power supply to increase speed of the dispenser.
Ext. Command: The LD dispenses one label when receives a signal (contact closure). Factory installed. Only for LD-U & LD-RS models.
Battery Pack: Complete kit to operate the LD on a battery. Includes: battery, charger and cables. Replace the standard power supply. Battery works for +/- 8 hours and needs 8 hours to re-charge. Output: DC 12V.